Gavin Otte

Title: Head of Product

Company: Healium

Major: Nutrition and Fitness

Graduation Year: 2014


I'm currently Head of Product for Healium, a digital mental wellness product that utilizes biofeedback to help people relax and control their emotional/mental state. I worked closely with our VP of Engineering to establish and organize our team of software developers and our development process. My day-to-day involves leading the dev team in designing and building our consumer applications with a focus on user experience and retention. I also work closely with our CEO as part of the Leadership team to enhance our overall business strategy, as well as manage our web design and product messaging.  Before Healium, I was a Product Owner for Veterans United where I led a team of software developers to enhance internal tools for task management, automation and efficiency. Between my time at VU and Healium, I've seen how a 4,000 person company operates, as well as a startup with less than 10 people. In a previous life, I also played football for Mizzou and went on to play professionally for a short period. I’ve since learned that athletics and entrepreneurship require similar mindsets in order to be successful: extreme focus and dedication to a single mission, as well as perseverance. My experience includes product strategy/management, business strategy, project management, coaching and BD/sales along with several other hats that go with working in a startup (pitching investors, UX design, UI design, website design, branding, product messaging, etc.) I have 3 rottweilers, love to meditate and strive to spread positive vibes when and where I can.  I’m excited to help build the future with you all.  Let’s get it!

Skillsets: Customer discovery, Product discovery, Product management, Marketing, Branding, Culture, Growth

Industries: Enterprise software, SaaS, Consumer tech, Sports