Craig Ferril

Title: Chief Growth Officer

Company: DevStride

Major: Computer Science

Graduation Year:


With over 25+ years in technology, 15+ years of that leading SaaS growth companies, I have been responsible for the direction and entrusted with the care of every aspect of business. As COO, I led the efforts for crafting and leading the execution of the Product Led Growth strategy of a successful SaaS company that was acquired in early 2021. Since then, I have been working with Product Led Growth SaaS companies, as well as non-SaaS companies, to help craft successful growth strategies and implement the lessons I've learned through the years, helping shave significant time and risk from their journeys in growing their own successful businesses. What makes me unique is that I have led Product Management, Marketing, Sales, Product Engineering, DevOps, and Operations, which has given me both a depth of knowledge in each of the domains, as well as a rare ability to understand how to bring the best of each function together to make the sum greater than the individual parts. Pair that with an insatiable desire to solve hard problems, and you end up with someone who is hard-wired to create strategies that win even in competitive markets.

Skillsets: Customer discovery, Product discovery, Product management, Marketing, Sales, Hiring, Culture, Operations, Growth

Industries: Enterprise software, SaaS